About Xiamen

Xiamen, traditionally known in the West as Amoy, is a small and pretty scenic port city located on the southeast coast of China and the west coast of the Taiwan Straits and is separated from Quemoy (Kinmen) island only by a narrow strip of water. Xiamen city has a total area of 1565.09 square kilometers and a population of 3.6 million and the Xiamen Island (the old town) is about 128.14 square kilometers. As there are flocks of egrets settled on the old town, it is also called the Egret Island.

The administration system of Xiamen has begun since Song dynasty. Ming built the city walls and established Xiamen as a major seaport and commercial center. The city has significantly benefited from Taiwanese, overseas Chinese and foreign investment and its designation as a Special Economic Zone in 1980.

Xiamen is rich in resources for tourism. Lying in the sub-tropical Zone, it has a maritime climate. Each year tens of thousands of tourists from home and abroad come here to enjoy the azure sky, blue sea, golden beach, green hills, grotesque rocks, fantastic caves, well-cultivated gardens and parks, visit ancient temples, and taste typical seafood in south Fujian flavor. Compounding the resort atmosphere is the wonderful little island of Gulangyu Islet, a ten-minute ferry ride to the southwest, the old colonial home of Europeans and Japanese whose mansions still line the island's traffic-free streets.

Xiamen has been accredited as a National Sanitary City, National Garden City, National Model City for Environmental Protection and National Excellent Tourist City. If you step into this ancient but modern city, you will surely be attracted by its charming scenery, tasty seafood, and ready-to-help citizen.

There are daily flights from Beijing (13), Shanghai (21), Hong Kong (4) to Xiamen for easy connection and direct flights from Japan, Korea and Thailand.

Map of Xiamen

Sentences may useful for foreign participants
Please clean my room.
Please help me solve the problem of Internet access in my room.
Please tell me where I can take a taxi.
Please take me to Zhongshan Road (downtown area).
Please tell me where I can find a toilet.
请问哪里有洗手间 ?
Please tell me where I can make a phone call.
请问哪里可以打电话 ?
Please tell me where I can find a supermarket.
请问哪里有大型超市 ?
Please tell me where I can exchange currency.
请问哪里可以兑换外币 ?
Please tell me where the post office is.
Please help me find someone who could speak English.

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